Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Whenever an individual is out of the ecological or natural balance, he is ill and unhappy, this condition is termed as disease. On many occasion; the change in the stability of the balance is minimal and the available means of noting the change or the means of diagnosis are inadequate to label illhealth as a particular disease. Specific diseases are generally diagnosed only when they produce significant changes in the internal environment of man leading to some symptoms like pain, fever, weakness, etc. In such cases, deviation from health is very wide and the physical, mental, economic and social effects brought about by the disease, have already made deep impressions on the affected individual and his family. However, it is interesting to note that in many cases, the changes brought about by the disease process are not big enough to produce symptoms. Naturally such a state of sub-clinical or minimal disease cannot be easily diagnosed. With the modern advances of medical sciences, especially in the field of preventive medicine, more and more diseases can now be diagnosed as a deviation from health long before the disease has produced any noticeable effects on the person.


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