Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Balanced Diet

For adequate maintenance of good health, it is necessary to supply all the nutrients in the proper amounts and proportions in our diet. Experts have suggested the composition of a typical balanced diet for an adult as follows:
Pulses and Nuts85gm
Leafy vegetables114gm
Ohter vegetables85gm
Root vegetables85gm
Milk and milk products284gm
Flesh foods127gm
Sugar and jaggery57gm
Oil and fats57gm

The approximate nutritive value of this diet is 3,000 calories. It contains about 90gm proteins, 90gm fats, 450gm carbohydrates in ratio 1:1:5 and adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals


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Hello! You have done remarkable job. I did not imagine such a splendid nutrition diet chart.I am working women and I have enough time for cooking so please share some easy to cook fitness recipes with nutrition information of all ingredients which use in recipes.

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